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What Coaching Is
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Sacred Partnering
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Because Coaching is a relatively new profession, there sometimes has been some confusion as to what it actually entails and what the difference is between coaching and some other fields.

Coaching zeroes in on where you are now, where you want to be in the future and what you are willing to do to get you there - knowing that the results will depend upon your intentions, choices and actions.

Coaching is not therapy, counseling, training, mentoring, consulting. And yet, coaching can often incorporate many of the competencies, theories and practices found in these fields.

Coaching is not therapy or counseling, as these professions may be focusing on obstacles in the past preventing the client from focusing on today, and looking forward to the future.  Coaching typically works with the successful life skills you already have, builds on them, and concentrates on moving forward.  Clients of therapy or counseling may have the mindset that something about them needs to be fixed, where coaching clients may feel they simply want to improve or expand on their current environment and achievements.  Therapy focuses more on the “why” while coaching focuses on the “what” and the “how.” It has been said that therapy moves a person from dysfunctional to functional while coaching moves a person from functional to extraordinary.

Coaching is not training, as training may be centered around a pre-arranged agenda of what you will learn and how you will learn, driven by the facilitator or instructional designer.  Coaching helps clients identify what they want to know more about, and how they may achieve that knowledge, which may lead them to a training resource.

Coaching is not mentoring, as mentoring typically is viewed as demonstrating a way forward based on someone else's experience, such as an expert in the field. Coaching helps clients identify their own best way forward, allowing the client to also decide if they wish to seek the feedback and ideas of someone more experienced in the area. The exception to this is a combination mentor/coach who fulfills both rolls.

Coaching is not consulting, as consultants typically provide solutions for the client and may or may not stay around for the implementation of those solutions. Coaching helps clients identify their own solutions and how to implement them and then continues to supply support throughout the implementation process. Coach and client typically agree in advance whether or not the client wants the coach to offer advice.

Again, coaches may combine many of the skills and practices of these other professions from time to time, as part of their service.  Boundaries are typically agreed to in advance and maintained, with the flexibility to discuss other approaches at any time.

It is really extremely difficult to describe and define coaching and to catch its true essence.  Coaches struggle with this dilemma all the time.  Dream Coach, Marcia Wieder, did an excellent job when she said, A coach listens intently, asks clarifying questions, challenges your assumptions, helps you dream big and makes sure you do the important things you say you will do in order to have the important things you say you want.  It is a partnership based on intention, agreement, integrity and relationship. The bottom line is, we can’t do it alone.  Some of us think we can, but with a coach you will be challenged, stretched and empowered. You will dream bigger dreams, have insights, uncover and hopefully remove limitations.  With a coach you will increase your chances of being successful and you will be celebrated for it.

At Unity Life Coaching people choose to work with Rev. Carolyn because she forms a caring, confidential, creative and faith-filled sacred partnership with them using a unique combination of spiritual principles and practices, intuitive insights, professional coaching, and energy tools and techniques to lovingly support them in maximizing their personal freedom and living the life of their dreams. In addition, because of her ministerial training and background, Rev. Carolyn is uniquely qualified to provide mentor coaching to new ministers as well as offering spiritual instruction, guidance and direction to those who are seeking.

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