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Passion Followers
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Rev. Carolyn

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What Coaching Is
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Sacred Partnering
with Rev. Carolyn

For Purpose Seekers,
Passion Followers & Dream Builders

What is your heart’s desire?

Here are some possibilities of things we might work on together.
What other ideas do you have?
            •    Discover your deepest dreams & heart’s desires
            •    Identify your purpose, vision, mission & values
            •    Apply the principles of co-creation
            •    Expand your creativity
            •    Design and live the life of your dreams
            •    Create more peace, love, freedom, joy, happiness,
                abundance and harmony in your life

            •    Activate creative, positive change in your life
            •    Move through life transitions with ease & grace
            •    Achieve balance and wholeness
            •    Simplify, de-stress and de-clutter
            •    Establish reserves in all areas
            •    Achieve more with less time and effort

            •    Find solutions to your challenges
            •    Eliminate tolerations
            •    Break free from self-limitation, fears and doubts
            •    Eliminate the shoulds, coulds and ought to’s
            •    Remove obstacles and eliminate struggle
            •    Make your life easier, more joyful & fulfilling

            •    Experience opulent prosperity & abundance
            •    Create a personal legacy
            •    Discuss & be supported through new spiritual, esoteric
                or energetic experiences
            •    Open yourself to intuition and inner guidance
            •    Let your true self come forth
            •    Achieve mastery of self

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