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Dear Beloved Colleagues,

Are you struggling to meet all the demands placed upon you? Are you so busy that you feel you don’t have the time to really minister?

Has your joy of being in service to Spirit faded amidst petty congregational conflicts, demanding board members, and piles of daily church administrivia?

Are you feeling underpaid, unappreciated, and misunderstood? Are you a mystic struggling in a “far country” where no one truly speaks your language?

Do you feel your ministerial training left you unprepared for ministry in the real world?

If any of these questions ring true for you, you are not alone. Ministry has become an extremely challenging profession.

We would all probably agree that the first and primary requirement for maintaining our equilibrium is through attention to our own spiritual practice. And that is very true. However, there are some other slightly more earthly solutions that can also be of benefit.

The first of these is extreme self-care. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t continue to take care of or minister to anyone else. Lack of effective self-care is a one-way ticket to burnout.

A second very effective solution is to set up supportive environments for yourself - Systems, things and/or people that are in place and kick-in automatically to assist and sustain you when you’re up to your neck in alligators.

One of the best things you can do for extreme self care as well as for establishing a supportive environment for yourself – is to get a coach and/or mentor.

Since I began this alternative ministry in 2003, more than 80% of my clients have been ministers. It has become my joy and passion to coach with and minister to those who minister. One colleague has smilingly began to call me M.O.M. – short for “Minister of Ministers.” She says that one thing she has truly missed since entering ministry was having a minister herself.

When you choose to work with me, I can assure you of three things: unconditional love, total support, and absolute confidentiality. I don’t report to anyone except Spirit (and She already knows it all – smile).

Check the list below for possible topics we might collaborate on.

contact me and let’s have a conversation about how forming a Sacred Partnership can support you in your life as well as in your ministry.

Blessings of love and light -
From my heart to yours,

From the Heart
Coaching and Support

With Carolyn's coaching I have made changes with two noticable benefits: energy and income. 50% more of my energy is now available to ME! And my schedule for the coming months is bringing more income. Now I am free to focus on expanding my ministry. Coaching is an investment, not a luxury.
- Rev. Lynette Loffel
New Thought Ministries New Zealand, Auckland

Carolyn is a skilled listener. Her stimulating questions keep me focused despite my many commitments and aspirations. With her remarkable ability to think outside of the box, she comes up with great ideas, plans, and suggestions to assist me in managing and accomplishing my goals...
- Dr. Janine H. Burns, Woodbury, NY

As a new minister in the field I have been blessed to have Carolyn there to support and love me through.  She reminds me when I forget who I am and who I have come to be. I truly have grown as a result of her willingness to stand with me and speak her truth in love.
- Rev. Rosella Turner-Teal
Unity Christ Church, Carlsbad, CA

I am moving forward on many more fronts than I had anticipated. By having a coach, I am more able to discuss "outlandish" ideas (those that I'm not yet ready to call "mine"), explore issues & develop plans in a safe environment. Thank you for your encouragement, thoughtful feedback, creative ideas & gentle prodding.
-Rev. David Ridge
Living Waters Unity Church

For me, coaching filled in the missing pieces after ministerial school... I was able to set clear intentions for ministry, and most importantly, I was empowered to take appropriate action on those intentions. I got on purpose. -Rev. Lance Livesay
Louisville, KY

What I noticed right away about Carolyn, was that she exudes abundant warmth, joyful spirituality, and totally loving support. This makes it easy and natural to open up and share with her.  She asks "the right questions," and her homework assignments are relevant and practical.
-Rev. Karen Wolfson
Center for Spiritual Awakening,Sarasota, FL
When you need to:

•    Improve the balance of your responsibilities to self, family and church
•    Practice & demonstrate extreme self care
•    Pull back from the brink of burnout
•    Truly focus on being rather than doing
•    Reduce stress

•    Achieve freedom through better time management
•    Reclaim your power and reactivate your self confidence and self worth
•    Better align your walk with your talk
•    Create support systems for yourself
•    Hone your skills
•    Explore and expand new creative ideas

•    Reconnect with your soul purpose
•    Reaffirm or reevaluate your personal vision, mission and values
•    Identify and pursue your personal dreams
•    Relight the fire of your passion

•    Have support when entering a new ministry
•    Process church-related experiences and issues in a safe, confidential environment with someone who understands ministry
•    Establish support for yourself as you go through a transition or initiate a change
•    Have a compassionate ally through a spiritual drought or dark night of the soul experience
•    Explore supplemental avenues of income that are in alignment with your purpose and values
•    Identify next steps or new direction after leaving a ministry