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What would your life be like if the very highest and greatest potential within you were able to come forth and fully express? What if you had absolutely no limitations at all?

How would it feel to be unstuck, out of the rut, unburdened and completely


Free… Just think – what would it be like to be truly free from everything that seems to be holding you back or slowing you down?

And – what if it was EASY? What if you could almost effortlessly eliminate subconscious programming and negative self-talk, make a shift from old habits and limiting behaviors, and get out of the loop of the old negative tapes that you’ve accumulated over your lifetime? What would it feel like to live reaction free?

Take a deep breath and just imagine…

What could your day-to-day experience be like
if you were to make your life a


A life based on such freedom would indeed be AWESOME.

But wait! There’s more…

“FREEDOM FROM” is only half of the whole freedom picture. The other perhaps even more impactful half is “FREEDOM TO.”

•    At your deepest heart and soul level, what do you truly desire to be, do and have?
•    If you could just break free of those invisible chains that are holding you back, what would you do first?
•    If you could totally clear the slate, how would you recreate yourself? What would your life look like?
•    What is your life-long dream that is worth living - starting now?
•    What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
•    What if even more than your grandest and wildest dreams were really possible and within your reach?

Expanding your personal freedom
can totally transform your life.

How can Unity Life Coaching and Rev. Carolyn help?

People choose to work with Rev. Carolyn because she forms a caring, confidential, creative and faith-filled sacred partnership with them using a unique combination of spiritual principles and practices, intuitive insights, professional coaching, and energy tools and techniques to lovingly support them in maximizing their personal freedom and living the life of their dreams.

What this means is that Rev. Carolyn provides a safe, stimulating and spiritual environment for change and growth where you can move beyond your comfort zone, engage in out-of-the box thinking, spread your wings, and design dream-fulfillment plans.

The benefit is the passion, power and peace of mind you will experience through expanding your freedom and opening up to infinite possibilities. You will soar to new heights in what you can be, do and have.

And perhaps…

Even discover that you truly are


Begin your transformative journey
into personal freedom today!

Contact Rev. Carolyn now for a free collaborative interview and your personal invitation to “flying lessons.”


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